As a parent, one of the most difficult things to do is to wash your child. Most of them usually don’t want to get washed. Fortunately, you can help them enjoy their cleaning with bubble baths. 

Everyone loves bubble baths. Your child will think that they’re simply playing when the truth is that you’re cleaning them.  

During bath time, most kids will have a blast. This is particularly true if they are surrounded by their favorite toys and rich foam.  

However, is a bubble bath safe for babies? What if your child has sensitive skin? When should your kid experience bubble baths?  

Here are some tips you can follow to help your kid have the best bubble bath experience.  

When Should Babies Have Bubble Baths? 

Bubble baths aren’t simply necessary for babies since they are already born with vernix caseosa. It is the waxy barrier on their skin. You don’t have to use anything except warm water when washing your newborn.  

Also, an infant bubble bath is not necessary because they will simply ignore the foam. They will not be entertained by it. However, you can use a small amount of unscented body wash and shampoo if your baby is around 1 to 2 months old. This will help cleanse their skin folds and hair.  

If your child starts to recognize bubbles and can sit up on their own, you can now let them experience bubble baths. It will be a great sensory experience for them. However, make sure you’re using unscented bubble baths that are specifically made for babies to avoid skin irritation and urinary tract infections.  

In general, bubble baths are fine for babies and older kids. This is particularly true if you use products with no synthetic scents and have gentle ingredients.  

Does Bubble Bath Clean Your Baby? 

For those who don’t know, the suds from the bubble bath are excellent for cleaning the body. In addition to that, they also make the process a lot more enjoyable for your baby. There are tons of baby bubble bath products out there that are specifically formulated to gently get rid of dirt and grime while nourishing sensitive skin.  

Bubble Bath Ingredients to Avoid 

  • Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Releasers 

Though you would not believe that a known carcinogen would be utilized in personal care products, formaldehyde is sometimes added as an antibacterial ingredient and preservative. Thus, you should make sure you avoid products that contain methylene oxide, methylene glycol, methyl aldehyde, methanal, methanediol, formic aldehyde, formalin. 

  • Sulfates 

When it comes to personal care products, sulfates are cheap detergents that are effective at creating the ideal lather. However, sulfates in these products can get rid of the natural moisture of your skin.  

In addition to that, it’s also known to cause skin irritation if the product contains more than 2% of sulfates. This is particularly true if you’ve got sensitive skin.  

  • Phthalates 

A lot of manufacturers utilize phthalates to bind together the ingredients and preserve synthetic fragrances. Unfortunately, researchers link phthalates to a huge range of health issues. This includes male reproductive problems, early onset puberty, child asthma, and more. 

Make sure you choose a bubble bath product that doesn’t include these ingredients, especially if you’re giving your baby a bath.